BlockRock Capital: Introduction

Welcome to BlockRock! We focus on of Crypto & Blockchain. With this post, we want to tell a little bit about our fund.

Our team brings together industry professionals with decades of combined experience in finance and investments, traditional asset management, and top notch algorithmic trading strategies, venture capital & vast corporate experience.

From early days of Bitcoin and then inception of the Ethereum Foundation in 2014 onwards, our founding members have successfully adapted their expertise to the crypto world, pioneering new solutions across the industry, helping sort out legal issues, marketing and community campaign management.

Our team’s advantage stems from the way we filter the tech, an in-depth understanding of crypto and blockchain technology through a conservative business lens. This allows us to seize on all the opportunities, benefits and high returns of the crypto economy on the one hand, while constantly evaluating exposure and blind spot risks in order to minimize possible losses on the other.

BlockRock Capital has diversified investment strategies focused on VC-style stakes in startups, hybrid investments (equity + tokens), and cryptocurrency trading programs including algorithmic trading.

In our following posts we will be sharing more on what we were doing in the past, our current portfolio and current activities, how and what are we doing in our trading activities and our plans for the future.

A bit about our TEAM

Raphael — Rezo Shmertz, CEO

Managing Partner

Actively involved in bitcoin since 2016, all in crypto, strong believer of everything crypto / blockchain, studied Technion Institute Israel, over two decades of entrepreneurial and executive background.

Ivan Petuhovschii

Partner, Strategy and Business Development

Founder of one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform in eastern Europe — EXMO with over $1B monthly turnover, offices in London, Barcelona, Moscow and Kiev.

Mike Raitsyn

Analytics, Head Of Scout Program

Founder of Mirafox Group involved in creating supreme ecosystem for webmasters and marketer with 40+ projects. Crypto investor since 2012

Shawn Lomtadze, COO

Managing Partner

Vast experience in business development and marketing processes, startup specialist, experience in Mergers & Acquisitions

Eugen Sandmann

Managing Partner, Head of Trading

Partner of Terreus Capital AG, studied University in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Over 20 years of professional experience in international portfolio management. Former UBS, Merck Finck & Privatbankiers Dusseldorf.

Dmitry Finkelstein

Quantitative Portfolio Management & Capital markets

With 18+ years of experience Dmitry ran strategies ranging from low speed global tactical asset allocation to super fast HFT and cutting-edge AI based. Master degree in Applied Math, Stockholm School of Economics EMBA, CQF

Alexander Buchman

Managing Partner, Business Development and Distribution, IR

Entrepreneur and angel investor for over 20 years. Startups, IT & IOT projects. 15+ years of those in online games including social networks integration and worldwide distribution. Graduate of Berlin University.

Lau Geckler

Corporate Affairs, Legal and Compliance

Having legal background, Lau is a professional board member in companies like Yota, Geometry Global (WPP), Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and several other startups. Senior roles across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Co-founder of Nexus International consultancy.

Dmitry Khovratovich

Tech Advisor

PhD Computer Science, security researcher, designer of PoW behind Zcash and other cryptocurrencies, computational improvements to zkSNARKs and more. Dmitry is an award winner of multiple hackathons and competitions. Best Scientific Publication in Luxembourg (2011).

Why invest with us

Venture capital:

  • The best VC deals via our extensive worldwide network;
  • Expertise across a wide range of markets & industries to guide your investments;
  • Optimal balance of risk and return for mid- and long-term investments;
  • Exceptional negotiation and deal structuring for the greatest value creation.

Digital Asset Management:

  • World class expertise in capital markets, tuned for the crypto world;
  • 50+ years of experience in quantitative trading;
  • Portfolio management strategies that combine AI and machine learning with deep understanding of market mechanics;
  • The latest data processing & quantitative research methodologies.




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Investment fund focused on blockchain and the crypto economy.