Aggregion speeds up marketing by securely aggregating customer data from multiple sources. Image source: Aggregion

Blockchain data pioneer Aggregion, backed by BR Capital, has reported remarkable results from its project with the supermarket giant, Magnit.

These results, described in a white paper jointly authored by Aggregion and Intel, are encouraging not only for people who care about the performance and security of real-world blockchain applications…

Fund’s & Cryptocurrency Market Report / Dec 2020

Plenty of people are happy to see the back of 2020, with its pandemic and associated economic slowdown. On the other hand, financial markets, including the cryptocurrency market, showed positive dynamics that exceeded the expectations of many investors.

For the blockchain industry, 2020 has definitely become a breakthrough year. Many…

Fund’s & Cryptocurrency Market Report / Oct-Nov 2020

Benchmark performance

In the last couple of months, the crypto market’s attention been focused on the price of Bitcoin, which has returned to a range very close to its all-time high. Still, there’s much more to the crypto industry than the BTC price, and 2020 was a truly breakthrough year, giving rise…

Welcome to BlockRock! We focus on of Crypto & Blockchain. With this post, we want to tell a little bit about our fund.

Our team brings together industry professionals with decades of combined experience in finance and investments, traditional asset management, and top notch algorithmic trading strategies, venture capital &…

BR Capital

Investment fund focused on blockchain and the crypto economy.

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